Re: external dependencies; trolling for more feedback, pushing to make it official ; -)

The hal/udev dependencies need to be resolved before moving on to


On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 16:51 -0600, Elijah Newren wrote:
> On 9/11/06, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:
> > The topic came up earlier, and I think there was a general consensus
> > that it is a good idea to freeze the versions of external dependencies,
> > and use tarball modules for them in the gnome-2.18 moduleset in jhbuild.
> Due to the feedback received so far, I've modifed the exact wording of
> the proposal and the list of versions a couple times so far.  I
> thought it'd be worth posting the most recent version and asking if
> there was any further feedback on it or objections to it being
> adopted:
>   The basics:
>     The versions of external dependencies that Gnome module may depend
>     upon are listed on a link from the release schedule
>     ( Dependencies,
>     for this release).  It may be updated at any time by the
>     release-team.
>   Getting the list updated:
>     If you want to add a new dependency or want one of the versions
>     updated, make a good case for it on desktop-devel-list. In
>     particular, provide reasons why it is important to bump the
>     version number, explain any impact (compile and run time) on other
>     modules, and list any additional external dependencies it would
>     pull in. Be prepared for others to take a few days to test it (in
>     particular, to ensure it builds) before giving a thumbs up or
>     down.
>   Available enforcement mechanism:
>     If a module depends on either a new external dependency not listed
>     here or a newer version of an external dependency than one listed
>     here, we may revert to an older version of that module for Gnome
>     2.17.x (which may result in reversions of other modules too). The
>     development version of that module can again be used once either
>     this page is updated by the release-team or the new(er) external
>     dependency is made optional.
> Two special cases worth noting (and already documented on that page):
>   (1) xulrunner from cvs will still be used until the 1.8.1 release;
>       Christian has pointed out this is needed for current Epiphany,
>   (2) David has already made some pretty convincing arguments that
>       we'll want to adopt HAL & 0.5.9 once they're out; this
>       isn't really so much of a special case, as just notice that we
>       need to work out build issues so that those without a bleeding
>       edge OS and not testing/developing/documenting HAL related
>       functionality can still easily build what they need.  Help
>       welcome.
> Thanks for your awesome work everyone,
> Elijah
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