Re: 2.16.0

Le mardi 05 septembre 2006 �0:13 -0600, Elijah Newren a �it :
> Hi guys,
> I have a moduleset up at
> (or at least it will be
> once the servers sync).  The first 100 or so modules have built for me
> with that moduleset, so it's looking pretty good.  If anyone else
> wants to help smoketest this release (which would be great since it's
> the big .0), that'd be great.  Or even if you just want to sanitycheck
> the versions file.

I started building this night to see that it stopped at fontconfig this
morning :/ Looks like fontconfig 2.3.96 doesn't build here (64 bits
machine), so I skipped it (fix: install the fontconfig development
package in your distrib).

Also, cairo depends on Xrender header files, which were installed
through jhbuild before but are not anymore (fix: install the xrender
development package in your distrib).

I hope there won't be any more problems :-)

> It seems to me like things are rolling along nicely (though I need to
> check back on that filechooser thingy that I haven't yet understood).
> Do others get the same impression, or are there any snags we should
> all be aware of or looking out for?

>From what I understood, there's a tiny fix after 2.16.0 in libgnomeui.
Everything else is more or less fine.


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