Re: gnome-2.15.92.modules


Le jeudi 31 août 2006, à 14:00, Ainsley Pereira a écrit :
> Hello,
> I believe you are the person to contact about this, if not, please
> accept my apologies.

No need to apologize :-)
I'm cc'ing the release team, since someone else there might have time to
integrate the fixes.

> I have been building gnome-2.15.92 using jhbuild, and have found some
> problems with the moduleset distributed under teams/releng/2.15.92,
> specifically when building the meta-gnome-c++ target, rather than the
> usual meta-gnome-desktop.
> meta-gnome-c++ depends on the following packages, but there are no
> definitions for the packages:
> <dep package="gnomemm/libpanelappletmm"/>
> <dep package="gnomemm/libbonobouimm"/>
> <dep package="gnomemm/libgnomeprintuimm"/>
> <dep package="gnomemm/libgdamm"/>
> <dep package="bakery"/>
> Also, gtkmm depends on cairomm, which is not defined.
> I believe most of the above packages are deprecated/unmaintained now,
> and can simply be removed as dependencies (with the exception of bakery,
> which is still active).
> I added the following definition for cairomm, and commented the above
> deps out, which resulted in a successful build of meta-gnome-c++:
> <tarball id="cairomm" version="1.2.2">
>    <source href=""; md5sum="fabb040a5ff2cf0529af55ff46d22d2d" size="582629"/>
>    <branch repo=""/>
>    <dependencies>
>       <dep package="cairo"/>
>    </dependencies>
> </tarball>
> I hope this is helpful, and that meta-gnome-c++ can build from the
> moduleset on release of 2.16 :)

Thanks for looking into those issues! This might not be our highest
priority for 2.16.0, but it'd still be nice to have all this fixed :-)



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