Re: GTK+, libgnomeui releases for 2.16

Matthias Clasen wrote:
I am still waiting for Kris to merge his filechooser fixes to the
stable branch,

I just merged all fixes which went on HEAD to the stable branch. It looks like Federico is going to have a look at the file chooser this afternoon (his timezone). At this point there isn't much more I can do, pending issues are: - overwrite confirmation does not seem to work if user calls gtk_dialog_response() again from the response callback (not sure if this is easily fixable ...) - I didn't manage to get to fully checking the "fast folder switching" fix yet.

It looks like Kjartan already made a 2.16.0 release of libgnomeui; only a tiny fix went into the vfs backend after that.

and since today is labor day here, my family won't tolerate me sitting at the
laptop for extended periods of the day. Therefore I cannot promise that
GTK+ 2.10.3 will be out before the deadline tonight. Also, I don't know
who will do a libgnomeui release with the corresponding fixes for the
gnome-vfs backend.

I won't be active on Tuesday and Wednesday as I will be busy following classes at University...


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