Re: Request for UI break for Tomboy

A note has been added to the documentation regarding the spellcheck dependency on GtkSpell.

Alex Graveley wrote:
(CC'ing release-team...)

The detection is compile-time only, but making it runtime-detected is pretty interesting. I'll look into it. Though I think for this release, with the time constraints what they are, the currently proposed patch is still the way to go.


Shaun McCance wrote:
On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 12:24 +0100, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
--- Alex Graveley <alex beatniksoftware com> wrote:
Speaking of this, I'm not really sure how the docs
should handle it.
Most people will have distros with gtkspell and
will see the checkbox,
but since it's optional, some people will not.
What should the docs
The docs should reflect stock gnome, while pausing to
note that free software's model of disparate
components brought together by many different distros
appears to make producing accurate and comprehensive
user documentation impossible.
I don't do this often, but in this case I'm going
to say we deviate a bit and document spell checking,
along with a note saying that spell checking may not
be enabled in the version the user is running, and
maybe a note about what to do about it.

Alex, the selection is compile-time, right?  So we
couldn't just tell users to install gtkspell and
have Tomboy pick it up?

We can discuss details here, but definitely include
spell checking in the documentation.


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