Re: Request for freeze break

Elijah Newren wrote:
On 9/3/06, Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net> wrote:
Brent Smith wrote:
> Do I hear a 2/2 in the distance?
> Thanks,

I committed this without the 2nd approval since no one has answered for
2 days.

Let me know if this is a problem.

I would have much preferred you to have waited, at least a bit longer.
But, other than Kjartan, we have also been slow to respond.  Sorry
about that.  Anyway, I've just looked over the bug and the patch; it's
a crasher so it can't get much worse and the patch looks sane, so
here's a retroactive 2 of 2.  :)

Thanks Elijah, I think I was just starting to panic. :-)

Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net>
IRC: smitten

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