Code freeze break for deskbar-applet

Hi !

I'm sorry to ask a code freeze break for deskbar, we have received a lot
of crashers thanks to the new bug buddy integration system, and we would
like to fix the most importants before the final release happens.

Here are the three patches i would like to commit:
* Bug:

Fixes a GTK Critical warning when pressing enter on an empty entry, and
also fix another critical happening in some unclear conditions.

* Bug:

The popup with the result list looks unfocused, this trivial patch make
it appear focused (blue instead of gray selection line)

* Bug:

The new handler 'gdmactions' throws an exception after waking up after a
sleep/logout/screensaverlock because of a dbus timeout exception. The
patch works around that by catching the exception.

Thanks for evaluating this and replying quickly !

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