Re: gok 1.0.9 available!

Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le vendredi 12 mai 2006 à 09:44 -0400, David Bolter a écrit :
Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le jeudi 11 mai 2006 à 17:09 -0400, David Bolter a écrit :

We're pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.9 of GOK, the GNOME Onscreen Keyboards Suite.

A huge thank you to everyone who continues to contribute to this project!

What is it ?
GOK is designed to allow access to the GNOME desktop and other X applications by people who cannot use a physical keyboard (or mouse), or in situations where a physical keyboard is not present.

What's New?
This is a bugfix release.
Hi David,

it appears 1.0.9 is GNOME 2.15.x materiel, since it requires glib 2.11
(ie the goption usage in gok).

Unfortunately, you didn't branch gok before landing this material and
the versioning could let people thing it is only a minor release.

Could you create a 2.14 branch and make sure next gok release are
numbered 1.1.x (or even better, 2.15.x ;)

Thanks you in advance.

Sorry! Thanks for catching that and giving me some direction. I want to be clear on the best way to proceed... If I create a 2.14 branch, shall I undo (revert) the goption usage on that branch? Sorry if this is obvious.

There are no stupid question :)

If you plan to do other releases in the future for 2.14.x, you should
definitively create a branch without the goption part and it would
probably be easier to start this branch just before goption was added in
CVS. To be clear, the problem in goption patch is usage of
'G_OPTION_ARG_DOUBLE' which is glib 2.11.x material.

If you don't plan to do any 2.14.x releases, don't bother creating 2.14
branch, but it would be great for distributions packagers (and probably
other people) so change gok versioning so people knows they are using an
"unstable" release.

For sure. I will try to pay attention to the versioning expectations from now on.


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