Re: Minutes of the meeting (2006-07-21)

I thought I left r-t for all except 'I'll skim the mailing list'
purposes, like, ages ago? :)

On 7/22/06, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting.

Feel free to slap me for errors :-)

 Frédéric Crozat
 Jeff Waugh
 Federico Mena-Quintero
 John Palmieri
 Elijah Newren
 Vincent Untz

 Kjartan Maraas
 Luis Villa


  + new modules decision
  + accepting gtk# apps in the desktop (related to first item)
  + getting new people in the team? (if some of us want to leave)
  + will the subversion migration (if it goes forward before 2.16)
    mess up the release schedule?
  + do we have anyone on the line for writing release notes?
  + is out of date at
    least as far as people to task matching.  Do we want to try to
    re-divide things up?

New modules decision:

  + orca
    => full support from the community, even from the gnopernicus
    => we have to encourage orca people to make the migration as smooth
       as possible (and they're willing to do so)
    => IN
    => it probably means we dump gnopernicus

  + alacarte
    => users like it
    => some distributions (will) ship it
    => gsimple-menu-editor is far too simple
    => no issue with this module
    => we need to patch the apps to make use of it (gnome-panel patch
    => IN

  + gnome-power-manager
    => positive consensus
    => IN

  + gtk# (for the bindings suite)
    => positive consensus
    => need to split API/ABI (stable vs unstable) (think gnome-python,
    => IN if it can be splitted (or without splitting if there are solid
       concerns about doing so)

  + tomboy
    => we don't consider the use of gtk# in desktop for now
    => positive consensus
    => some issue wrt duplication with and/or import from sticky notes
    => Jeff proposes something else: don't accept it because it's cool
       and we want to encourage an outside ecosystem
    => Vincent disagrees about taking such a decision without knowing
       what the community thinks about it
    => decision: let Jeff send a mail about it, look what Alex thinks
       about it and see if there's a new consensus

Accepting gtk# apps in the desktop:
Was not debated because of the tomboy decision and lack of time.

Subversion migration:
It might be an issue if it takes a long time (blocking releases, eg).
Jeff wants to push for postponing the migration to after 2.16, so this
would not be an issue.

Getting new people:
Luis will probably want to leave the team. We need to ping him so he
finds a new member.
Anybody else wanting to leave?

Writing release notes:
We'll find someone by mail.
Feeling that it will never be uptodate. But we can try updating it :-)


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