Re: Minutes of the meeting (2006-07-21)

(Luis: there's a ping for you in there :-))

On sam, 2006-07-22 at 20:48 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> New modules decision:
> =====================

We probably want to send a mail to devel-announce-list about this. Any
volunteer? (I'll do it later if nobody has done it)


>   + gtk# (for the bindings suite)
>     => positive consensus
>     => need to split API/ABI (stable vs unstable) (think gnome-python,
>        gnome-python-desktop)
>     => IN if it can be splitted (or without splitting if there are solid
>        concerns about doing so)

Looks like Mike is not fond of splitting.
We need to reply here.

>   + tomboy
>     => we don't consider the use of gtk# in desktop for now
>     => positive consensus
>     => some issue wrt duplication with and/or import from sticky notes
>     => Jeff proposes something else: don't accept it because it's cool
>        and we want to encourage an outside ecosystem
>     => Vincent disagrees about taking such a decision without knowing
>        what the community thinks about it
>     => decision: let Jeff send a mail about it, look what Alex thinks
>        about it and see if there's a new consensus

My current feeling is that people don't agree with Jeff right now. A lot
of people probably didn't have time to reply, though.

> Accepting gtk# apps in the desktop:
> ===================================
> Was not debated because of the tomboy decision and lack of time.

So, we might have to take a decision soon. I do not see any consensus in
the community here :/

My personal opinion is that I'd like to see one release with gtk# in the
bindings before doing so (to see if everything works fine).


> Getting new people:
> ===================
> Luis will probably want to leave the team. We need to ping him so he
> finds a new member.

Luis: ping :-)

> Anybody else wanting to leave?
> Writing release notes:
> ======================
> We'll find someone by mail.

Any volunteer to ping marketing-list, or someone in particular?

> ============================================
> Feeling that it will never be uptodate. But we can try updating it :-)

Any volunteer?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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