Re: GStreamer regression analysis [was: GNOME and GStreamer]

Le dimanche 15 janvier 2006 �0:28 -0500, Ronald S. Bultje a �it :
> Hi,
> I ran a quick regression analysis on the few GStreamer modules that I
> could quickly get to build (totem plus all subparts, gnome-media).
> Summary of results: totem does some good things and also does not do
> some things, it has quite many regressions (as Christian already
> mentioned). The mozilla plugin and nautilus properties pages are
> completely broken. The thumbnailer sometimes works and sometimes not.
> GNOME-media: most apps (gnome-cd, gst-mixer) work fine (no regressions),
> g-s-r only works for some formats (surprisingly, vorbis didn't work) and
> playback is completely broken. Conclusion: I leave that open.

Thanks for your analysis, Ronald, and thanks to everyone involved in the
discussion so far.

As it looks like there's no consensus on this issue, we'll move the
discussion to d-d-l. Here are the possible solutions we'll propose
(other solutions are of course welcome):

 + ship with both 0.8 and 0.10
 + support both versions (./configure options)
 + push back feature and module freeze
 + make exceptions related to GStreamer after the freezes



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