Re: GnomeMeeting -> Ekiga

Le mardi 10 janvier 2006 à 13:52 +0100, Damien Sandras a écrit :

> 2) I will contact the CVS Master so that "gnomemeeting" is renamed
> "ekiga" in CVS. I will do that AFTER the release of GNOME 2.14, because
> I do not want to perturb the process and the translations.

Hmm, I think you should keep a gnomemeeting link at the cvs level (ie a
alias), at least for people doing bug fix / maintaining packages on
previous release of gnomemeeting. I'm sure not everybody will search for
ekiga on cvs (or cvsweb) when they'll be browsing for "old" gnomemeeting

> I would like to ask you if I'm missing something important and if you
> have any objection.

No objection, personally, I find the name a little weird in french (but
you probably already know that ;) but I don't have any problem /
opposition for this renaming and I completely understand your rationale
for this change. 

> 2) A lot of efforts have been made for this release. Including for the
> GNOME part. An example is the community service for ekiga users, another
> example is Avahi support and a final example is DBUS support. We want
> ekiga to be usable for voip and videoconferencing from any GNOME (and
> KDE) application in order to bring H.323, SIP and later IAX to the
> masses in an easy and efficient way.

Great.. Where are the tarball ? ;)))

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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