GnomeMeeting -> Ekiga


I do not know if I'm e-mailing the right set of persons concerning the

I'm not sure if d-d-l is the right place for that, I think not.

So, we have decided to rename gnomemeeting into ekiga. Some people like
it, some other people do not like it, it depends on who you are. 

I have in general received a good feedback from Asian and American

Why a renaming :

- GnomeMeeting had GNOME in its name. We all know it is not a good thing
to name all GNOME programs GNOME-Something, but back in 2000, it had
less impact.
- GnomeMeeting reminds too much a dead application, Netmeeting.
Netmeeting is dead, but VoIP and videoconferencing are not dead. H.323
is not dead, and GM is not limited to H.323, the 2.00 release will also
support SIP
- With the 2.00 release, we will bring so many new features, including a
platform, with free services for GNOME users, including conference rooms
(I plan to dedicate a private one to the GNOME Foundation).

Why ekiga :

- Using names with Talk or Voice or Phone in the name permit to directly
know what the program will be able to do (unlike Evolution, Beagle,
Firefox, Epiphany, ...). However, it is impossible to have a name whose
meaning doesn't restrict the program to a typical use. (e.g. GM =
Netmeeting = Videoconferencing with Netmeeting).

- Finding free .org/.net are a nightmare. And I needed one as I have
sort of a deal with the university that allowed me to publish
GnomeMeeting as Free Software

- "ekiga" is really related to Voice over IP. Really...

"When communicating using drums, the sender will identify himself at the
start of the transmission with the specific notes corresponding to his
personal moto, and those of the other correspondant in order to draw his
attention. This technic is also used in another communication language,
without drums, called Ekiga, which consists in reproducing the notes,
without words, emitting the syllable “ke” in a falsetto voice, and
repeating it with the corresponding tones."

It was not Voice Over IP, but Voice Over the forests.

Consequences :

1) I will rename the program in the sources. It will become "ekiga". 
2) I will contact the CVS Master so that "gnomemeeting" is renamed
"ekiga" in CVS. I will do that AFTER the release of GNOME 2.14, because
I do not want to perturb the process and the translations.
3) I will contact the mailing list master so that "gnomemeeting-list"
and "gnomemeeting-devel-list" are renamed "ekiga-list" and
"ekiga-devel-list". I will do it when releasing Ekiga 2.00, at the same
time than GNOME 2.14.
4) I will contact gnome-i18n to rename gnomemeeting in their modules
list into ekiga, but also AFTER the release of GNOME 2.14.
5) I will manage the rest (website, ...) myself.

I would like to ask you if I'm missing something important and if you
have any objection.

A few remarks :

1) I'm removing GNOME from the name, but that doesn't mean I plan to
stop being a GNOME project or being removed from the modules list. I
will wait that you throw me outside for that.

2) A lot of efforts have been made for this release. Including for the
GNOME part. An example is the community service for ekiga users, another
example is Avahi support and a final example is DBUS support. We want
ekiga to be usable for voip and videoconferencing from any GNOME (and
KDE) application in order to bring H.323, SIP and later IAX to the
masses in an easy and efficient way.

Thanks for your support,
 _      Damien Sandras
//\     GnomeMeeting:
v_/_    FOSDEM 2006 :
        SIP Phone   : sip:dsandras gnomemeeting net 
                      sip:600000 gnomemeeting net

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