Re: Status of background capplet?

On 2/26/06, Glynn Foster <Glynn Foster sun com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> What was the decision of the background capplet? I was under the
> impression that the Apply/Cancel patch would be reverted and discussed
> in the next release cycle. Now I see that it has, but there's a 'Finish'
> button, which is nicely inconsistent with the rest of the preference
> dialogs. Again, I will be forced to apply a patch locally to JDS [and
> looks like Red Hat might do too], which is rather unfortunate :(

Sounds like you're already aware of the background capplet status. 
Sorry, but if you dislike the new wording you'll need to patch. 
Hopefully the problems discovered in Novell user testing (which this
wording change was a fix for) can be investigated further along with
this inconsistency among dialogs in order to try to discover how to
fix this inconsistency in 2.16.

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