Re: Deskbar String additions

Hi !
> On Sunday at 1:38, Raphael Slinckx wrote:
> > I have some strings that would be nice to add to deskbar:
> >  * Tooltip over the icon in the search entry reading:
> > 	'Show previous actions'
> >  * Tooltip over the two buttons in the button mode:
> > 	"Show the search entry"
> > 	"Show previous actions"

The above strings are not useful and don't justify a freeze break, i'll
just remove them.

> >  * String when there are no previous actions in the dropdown:
> > 	"No history"
> If you wish to go on with including them at this time (during string
> freeze), we'd need good reasons why you want it (important bug fix?)
> and why it can't wait until next release cycle.  Judging from the
> strings themselves, it seems they are not worthy enough, but that's
> just MHO.

This last string is more important, because if it isn't present, there is visual clue
to show that the history menu dropdown is empty, and thus clicking on the history button
produce nothing which is not clean, and confuses users...

Hope this can be done.. if not i'll revert

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