Re: Deskbar String additions

Hi Raphael,

Sorry for the late reply (your mail was stuck in moderation queue as
well, and I've been busy).  I am giving out my i18n-opinion here: in
short, it's "please revert these changes".

On Sunday at 1:38, Raphael Slinckx wrote:

> I have some strings that would be nice to add to deskbar:
>  * Tooltip over the icon in the search entry reading:
> 	'Show previous actions'
>  * Tooltip over the two buttons in the button mode:
> 	"Show the search entry"
> 	"Show previous actions"
>  * String when there are no previous actions in the dropdown:
> 	"No history"

If you wish to go on with including them at this time (during string
freeze), we'd need good reasons why you want it (important bug fix?)
and why it can't wait until next release cycle.  Judging from the
strings themselves, it seems they are not worthy enough, but that's
just MHO.

For details read:

> Are these changes allowed (some of them slipped in CVS already but are
> not in yet) ? If not i shall back them up ASAP..

Please back-them out, or list corresponding files in POTFILES.skip
instead (so it's clear it was your intention not to include them).
However, I'd prefer to have additions reverted instead.


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