Re: Freeze break request to improve context menu

Le vendredi 17 f�ier 2006 �8:34 +1100, Peter Harvey a �it :
> Hi Vincent,
> On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 14:28 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> > I don't have 2.13.x, and the patch is not so small. Could you elaborate
> > a bit on what is changed? Is this just a UI change? Or does it add a new
> > feature? Or...
> It is just a UI change and some minor bug fixes; no new features.
> In the context menu:
>       * Place those menuitems which are specific to the selected item at
>         the top of the menu.
>       * Use icons for "Show in New Window" and "Show in New Tab" that
>         match those for "Open New Window" and "Open New Tab" from the
>         main menu.
>       * Use an appropriate icon for "Move on Toolbar", and change to a
>         trash-can icon for "Remove from Toolbar" and "Delete Toolbar".
> Also, Epiphany can have multiple user-customised toolbars. We previously
> had a master toggle "Show Toolbars" and added individual toggles "Hide %
> s" for each toolbar. This is confusing to users, and so we have inverted
> that to "Show %s" for each toolbar with a master toggle "Hide Toolbars".
> This can be seen in the screenshots:
> > Also, could you tell us if translators accept the string changes that
> > are in this patch?
> I have emailed gnome-i18n. They have queried the need for the changes,
> and I've replied with some more detailed reasoning. I would only commit
> this patch if I receive approval from both groups.

Here's one approval out of two for the UI changes. If you can get
another one, feel free to commit the UI changes (you'll need to notify
the documentation team).

As for the string changes, you'll need to convince translators it's
really important (it might be hard at this stage, so waiting for the new
development cycle might be the only solution there).


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