Re: Freeze break request to improve context menu

Hi Vincent,

On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 14:28 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> I don't have 2.13.x, and the patch is not so small. Could you elaborate
> a bit on what is changed? Is this just a UI change? Or does it add a new
> feature? Or...

It is just a UI change and some minor bug fixes; no new features.

In the context menu:
      * Place those menuitems which are specific to the selected item at
        the top of the menu.
      * Use icons for "Show in New Window" and "Show in New Tab" that
        match those for "Open New Window" and "Open New Tab" from the
        main menu.
      * Use an appropriate icon for "Move on Toolbar", and change to a
        trash-can icon for "Remove from Toolbar" and "Delete Toolbar".

Also, Epiphany can have multiple user-customised toolbars. We previously
had a master toggle "Show Toolbars" and added individual toggles "Hide %
s" for each toolbar. This is confusing to users, and so we have inverted
that to "Show %s" for each toolbar with a master toggle "Hide Toolbars".
This can be seen in the screenshots:

> Also, could you tell us if translators accept the string changes that
> are in this patch?

I have emailed gnome-i18n. They have queried the need for the changes,
and I've replied with some more detailed reasoning. I would only commit
this patch if I receive approval from both groups.


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