Re: gnome-screensaver UI review changes

Hi Danilo,

Danilo Šegan wrote:
Hi Calum, William,

Today at 16:14, Calum Benson wrote:

If anyone can suggest any nice, l10n-friendly ways to do this, feel
free-- otherwise, we should probably just file it as a bug and fix it
in 2.16 when we've had more time to think about it.


Row 1: username
Row 2: hostname

(Without the "Row %d:" labels, of course ;)

I don't know how would it affect the UI or would this be clean enough.

I don't really think that will work.

Anyway, you've got my I18N approval, but at least add a suggestive
translator comment such as "Translators: You can translate this to
'%s %s' if it's otherwise tricky for your language".  Not sure if
you've got two release team approvals already, though :)

That is a very reasonable solution.  I've added this comment to CVS.

Oh, perhaps I misinterpreted John's approval? If so can I get another approval post facto?

Translators: my reasoning here is that while tricky to localise, it's
something we want to have.  And stopping all languages from having
useful data because of l10n problems is not too good.  Of course, if
we can find better solution which would work great for all or more
languages, that's what we'll go with.

Well said.  I concur.  :)

Thanks folks,

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