Re: Module decisions for GNOME 2.14

On 2/12/06, Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> wrote:
> Ok, based on this list I have moved the following modules in the GNOME
> 2.14 translation status from the "proposed" section to the "desktop"
> section:
> deskbar-applet
> fast-user-switch-applet
> gnome-screensaver
> pessulus
> sabayon
> Based on the same information, I have moved the following modules from
> "proposed" to "extras":
> gnome-power-manager
> I could find no information about the following perviously proposed
> modules, but I assume that they will not be included, and as a
> consequence I have moved them from "proposed" to "extras":
> atomix
> nautilus-actions
> Please let me know if something in the above was not the right thing
> to assume or to do.

Those were all correct.


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