Re: Module decisions for GNOME 2.14

On 2/11/06, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The release team met yesterday to talk about all the current issues.
> Here are our conclusions.
> New modules:
>   + gnome-power-manager: people like it, but some mor work is needed,
>     and more integration should be done. It won't go in for 2.14, but
>     we'd like to see a good integration work starting soon for 2.16.
>   + libnotify/notification-daemon: it depends on libsexy. There was no
>     consensus to include libsexy in our sets, and also some worries
>     about the lack of HIG for notifications. Therefore it won't go in
>     2.14. Note that there was also strong support for it and, assuming
>     those issues are resolved, it can absolutely be 2.16 material.
>     We also believe that the nice libsexy widgets should be tested in a
>     few apps and, if they work well, integrate them in our already
>     existing libraries, like GTK+.
>   + gnome-screensaver: there are some concerns about a possible
>     slowness. People pointed out that it was most probably related
>     to a fontconfig bug. Stay in for now, but we'll be watching closely
>     to see if the issue has indeed been resolved or if the module may
>     need to be pulled
>   + for reference, other proposed modules that were previously accepted:
>     pyorbit, deskbar-applet, fast-user-switch-applet,
>     gnome-python-desktop, pessulus, sabayon
> Issues in other modules:
>   + glib/pango: as previously announced, we'll ship the new versions
>     (2.10/1.12)
>   + gtk-engines: it's up to the maintainers to decide what to do.
>     They'll look at the concerns that were sent on the lists and
>     state what is their decision. (Looks like they recommend to
>     use the 2.6.x versions for 2.14)
>   + gnome-icon-theme: we fully support the adoption of the new icon
>     naming spec. However the change happened too late for this cycle. We
>     will ship with the 2.12 versions of gnome-icon-theme for GNOME 2.14
>     and encourage people to switch to the new version as soon as work
>     for 2.16 happen.
>   + GStreamer: current plan still is to go with 0.10. We all need to
>     keep an eye on continued progress on this version.

Ok, based on this list I have moved the following modules in the GNOME
2.14 translation status from the "proposed" section to the "desktop"


Based on the same information, I have moved the following modules from
"proposed" to "extras":


I could find no information about the following perviously proposed
modules, but I assume that they will not be included, and as a
consequence I have moved them from "proposed" to "extras":


Please let me know if something in the above was not the right thing
to assume or to do.


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