gnome-icon-theme branched for gnome-2-14


I have just branched gnome-icon-theme for gnome-2-14, from an earlier
date in the 2.13 cycle, where the changes to follow the naming spec have
not yet been implemented. A couple of fixes and a new icon used by the
search functionality added to Nautilus in 2.14, are still in however.

I have also rolled a 2.14.0 release from this new gnome-2-14 branch.
This means that for GNOME 2.14.0, we will still be using the antiquated
icons and naming schemes.

As a result of this, I would like to request that maintainers branch
their modules for gnome-2-14 as soon as reasonably possible, so that we
may get as much testing in as possible for 2.15, so we can ship a really
awesome desktop with new icons and compliance with the naming spec. I
would also like to suggest that people continue using gnome-icon-theme
HEAD, so that we can get good bug reports and fix any issues.


-- dobey

PS: I would also like to think the people who actually took the time to
give /useful/ feedback on the gnome-icon-theme changes.

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