Re: Background Capplet UI

On 2/9/06, Rodney Dawes <dobey novell com> wrote:
> Here is a patch I just cooked to move the background capplet back to
> instant apply. The patch includes a requirement on the
> yet-to-be-released gtk+ 2.8.12 to depend on the cairo workaround patch
> that Federico so generously worked on, so that we can at least ensure
> some amount of speedup from previous incarnations fo the desktop.
> Also, rather than using the "Close" button, I have changed it to use
> the text "Finish" with the stock apply icon, based on the user testing
> that suggests instant apply with "Close" is confusing to target users.
> Furthermore, this patch does not bring back the extra key-repeat delay
> timeout, to help speedup the actual application of the settings.
> The related bug numbers are: #327335 #330587 #329818 and #330168
> Given the fuss on desktop-devel-list, I presume that I can commit this
> ASAP, right? Thanks.

1 of 2 from me, using the "Finish" wording as you proposed.

My $0.02 on the rest of this thread: _perhaps_ there's a usability
problem from inconsistency of wording (though given the use of
relevant verbs over Ok/Cancel I don't see believe this is a big issue)
but Rodney identified an actual user problem with the wording of
"close" in this particular case.    Maybe the inconsistency will need
to be fixed, but I see no reason to leave a known big usability issue
(as identified in user testing) in there.

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