Epiphany and Enchant -- not-yet-blessed hard dependency


It appears that Enchant is currently a hard dependency of Epiphany
(unless building with an older Gecko, or so I'm guessing from reading
configure.ac); it can be disabled but must be done so manually rather
than having configure check and only use it if available.  It appears
that this change was made a while ago, but I only discovered it
recently (was out of the loop for a while working on my dissertation).

Anyway, Enchant is not listed at
http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointSeventeen/ExternalDependencies and is
thus not yet a valid hard dependency.  I'm guessing the community
wouldn't have any objections to depending on it, so we could either
propose it on d-d-l to get it added to the list, or the dependency
could be made optional.  There may be other possibilities I'm not
thinking of.  Comments?

Thanks for all your awesome work,

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