Re: Wishlist request - module build order

On 9/10/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:

> It seems like it would be nice to put the moduleset and a
> human-readable build-order in the actual tarball dir- no one is going
> to find it easily in the releng dir. It should be a pretty quick hack
> for someone to jhbuild/jhbuild/commands/ to add -url to
> 'jhbuild list'.

If you have concrete suggestions on an exact directory to place them
in, I'm all ears.  (Note that there are multiple "tarball dirs" so I
don't know what your suggestion means).

Also, note that the '-url' hack you suggest already exists, meaning
that you can already easily get the build order.   Just type this:
$ jhbuild -m
list meta-gnome-desktop

I could easily give him the output, but that isn't the time-taking
part of what he requested (which was somewhat different than what you
were suggesting).  The time involved part of his request is getting
the exact dependency tarball versions and locations for download, and
then making that plus the build order all into a pretty webpage.

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