Re: Approval required to commit the patch for bug [312462]

On 9/9/05, P Chenthill <pchenthill novell com> wrote:

> Thanks, patch was committed on september 5th. I should have actually
> provided all the specific details in previous reply itself. Will do it
> from now :) Sorry for the late reply.

No problem and no worries.  It turns out I found out a lot of it was
our fault.  There were lots of people making requests missing some of
those extra details and yours just happened to be the one where I
finally started writing out in detail what we really wanted.  After
the thread, I went and looked up our documentation on approving freeze
break requests, found it wasn't very prominent, that parts of it were
confusing, and to top it off that it also missed lots of this
important stuff.  Anyway, I went added this to the docs, clarified
them, and linked to them as a reminder from the schedule to help out
with this in the future.

Sorry for making you the guinea pig with my previous rants, and thanks
for being so patient with it.  ;-)

Keep up the awesome work on Evolution,

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