Re: patch for bug 312857

On 9/3/05, Harish Krishnaswamy <kharish novell com> wrote:
On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 20:31 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Le vendredi 02 septembre 2005 à 07:57 -0600, Jain Vivek a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > The summary for the groupwise provider is messed up since 2 threads are
> > modifying at the same time. The patch makes sure that we try and lock
> > before we modify the summary.
> > Also we make sure that the item exists in the summary before actually
> > trying to delete it.
> Has this patch been approved by the maintainer?
Yes. I have reviewed and approve this subject to 2/2 from the

This late into the freeze I'd prefer to only approve absolutely critical bugs as any change could (even if unlikely) accidentally introduce a crasher.  Could you all answer a few questions?
 - How heavily has the patch been tested (by how many people and how much by them)?
 - Are there any additional factors that might make the patch safer?
 - How bad is the bug?  I first read it as something that makes the UI look a little off (i.e. really
   annoying but not necessarily critical), but perhaps I misread it and its a data-corruption issue?  I
   don't know...

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