[Fwd: Re: Demanding API documentation]

I think the way is now clear for the release-team to demand that all new
Platform API is documented. I suggest that someone in the release-team
adds a rule about it, probably as part of moving the API rules to the

Here's a draft:

It should also require people to mark deprecated API as such, using
gtk-doc's deprecated tag if possible.
Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com
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On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 11:18 +0100, Murray Cumming wrote:
> I'm reviving this thread. I want to move forward.
> Mark, you were the only maintainer who vetoed this proposal. Have you
> changed your views at all? If we don't take this first step, then I'd
> don't see what we'll do instead. Another few years of just saying
> "developers should document their APIs" isn't likely to have more effect
> than it has had for the past few years.
> I agree that it would be nice if maintainers just documented everything,
> but we know by now that a little process can help them to do the
> appropriate thing at the appropriate time.

	Sure, don't let me stop you giving it a shot.


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