Re: Release manifests

On 11/10/05, John (J5) Palmieri <johnp redhat com> wrote:
> Do we compile manifests of all the projects on along with
> the latest stable and unstable version currently uploaded to the server?
> The reason I ask is right now I have a hacked up script which tells me
> if my current packages in Fedora are up to date or not.  It does bad
> things like spider the directories to figure out what the latest
> versions are.  This is slow and inefficient.  It would be cool if we
> automatically compiled a manifest every 24 hours and exported this
> information via XMLRPC or just a simple manifest file.  This would allow
> all distros and individuals to get updates in faster and could lead to a
> better GNOME experience overall.

To my knowledge, we have nothing of the sort.  In fact, when it comes
time to make a release, the old method was to manually troll through
the directories or watch ftp-release-list.  I made a script for making
releases (see
which does this searching for us, but it's limited to items in one of
the release sets, is only run manually when we're about to make a
release, and the results are put into jhbuild-tarball-moduleset format
(though it does have the added advantage of also trolling for recent
tarballs that we depend upon but aren't in gnome ftp)--so it's not the
same thing.

> I am willing to do the work if we don't have something like this yet.

Sounds cool, go for it.  On a related note, also feel free to work on
my scripts for smoketesting releases--there's several TODOs that would
provide some nice improvements and there's probably a lot of code
sanitization that could be done (the scripts are in python, but I
don't know much python and I believe the scripts probably reflect


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