libsoup branched

I branched libsoup for gnome-2-12 and updated jhbuild. (libsoup has neither translatable strings nor user documentation, so I'm not cc:ing those lists.)

Plans for 2.14 include:
    * Finally using the GNOME proxy settings from gconf (including
      ignore_hosts) by default (*)

    * A patch from the OpenSync hackers to allow a SoupSession or
      SoupServer to use a non-default GMainContext (allowing
      multithreaded async use). This is used by their SyncML server

    * Support for HTTP Content-Encoding (eg, gzip)

    * Fixes to SoupUri to better support complex URIs (eg, http URIs
      with other http URIs encoded as query parameters) (*)

    * Miscellaneous other improvements (*) and possibly other new useful

The plan is to do all of the API-breaking changes (the *ed things) on libsoup-pre214-branch and then land them all on HEAD simultaneously to minimize headaches. (And then hopefully to not ever break API again in the future, at least for the client-side API.)

-- Dan

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