Re: I want in!

On 11/7/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:

> I'd suggest that if Federico wants to come on board as an
> automation/tools guy, he probably isn't really replacing anyone, and
> he should be an addition rather than a replacement.  The key to
> replacements, I think, is not to maintain the same number, but rather
> to maintain the same responsbilities- for example, I would not want to
> see murray leave without finding a new bindings guy (which it seems we
> have). Having someone extra who brings new interest and new
> responsibilities to the table doesn't mean we should throw someone
> else overboard :)

I agree that expanding the team should be a considered option (and
I'll push for it in Federico's case if there's no easy alternate
solution), but there are trade-offs as well (as we've seen extensively
argued about in regards to the foundation directors...).  In
particular, though, increasing the team size seems to give the
impression that getting more people involved means increasing the size
of The Cabal, instead of doing the much harder work of delegating to
other teams and following up.  I know we haven't done particularly
well with that yet (though I think we're starting to do better), but I
think we just need to sustain the openness effort for a while and it
will happen (and become easier with time).  I'm afraid that increasing
the team size might hurt that effort and I'd rather explore it after
other options.  That's just my $0.02, though, and I'm sure others may
have other opinions.

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