Re: GUADEC meeting

I think, in his special way, Jeff is saying (and I think I agree with it
if he is):

1. The Platform is C and nobody is suggesting that it shouldn't be.
2. We support a variety of programming languages today, and that's good.
Let's do yet more of that.
3. Whenever you want your project to be part of GNOME, you don't totally
need GNOME's permission. Follow the schedule, or one very much like it,
follow the API/ABI rules, ask people to translate it, document it, and
pimp it. Then if we ever really have to actually argue about whether a
project is part of the GNOME Desktop, the argument will be almost
meaningless. Not meaningless, but almost meaningless.

I think some people still want the GNOME community to bless another high
level language in order to create some unanimous opinion or direction
that isn't there, purely in theory and regardless of any particular new
modules. But that's not what we're like - consensus and toleration is
all we have, and the reason for our success.

I'm going away for the weekend. I won't see this thread.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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