Re: EOG branched

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 20:06:44 +0100, Danilo Šegan <danilo gnome org> wrote:

> Now, before we announce this branch everywhere, we need to find
> someone with time to roll out tarballs (there's not much use in
> translators, documenters and others working on a branch which will get
> no more releases), since Jens can't dedicate his time to it.  I
> volunteer to help there, but I still don't have experience with
> releasing tarballs (and I suppose I'd need something else other than
> Gnome CVS access).

See the "making a release" section of for
instructions on how to roll a tarball.  You won't be able to run
install-module without a shell account, but as Jeff said, we can do
that for you once you give us a URL and md5sum of the tarball.


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