Re: new modules for 2.12

Le mercredi 20 juillet 2005 �4:49 -0600, Elijah Newren a �it :
> > * office suite. There is still a lot of confusion about what this
> I thought this was "productivity suite", not "office suite".  Was I mistaken?

No, you're right :-)

> > would mean for GNOME- if we have a 'GNOME office suite', does it mean
> > the GNOME QA team has blessed the office suite? What does it mean for
> > our relationship with open office? I could go on in this vein for
> > quite some time :) We still encourage the office team to do a release
> > together and on a regular schedule, because we think that's good juju
> > for any group :) and because we think that going ahead and Doing It
> > might resolve some questions. But without more consensus as to what
> > this would mean for the impacted teams and the release process, it's
> > hard to say it is the right thing right now. We should start probably
> > set up a small group (perhaps the release-team + the abi and gnumeric
> > folks) and/or start discussing it in Real Life (at the Summit) and
> > move forward from there to see where the future takes us.
> We could leave this to "discussions didn't seem to get very far about
> what the release rules would be and who would be in it, so we're
> punting to next release cycle"

I'd also encourage Martin to push abiword/gnumeric/mergeant/etc. to
release a set using the same schedule as GNOME 2.12, without blessing
the set as a GNOME set. This would help the community know how they can
handle it.

> We haven't mentioned the system startup services stuff.   (they did
> propose, it didn't they?  I can't remember...) What were opinions on
> that?  I haven't had time to test or look at it; I feel that no one
> else has either since it was dropped on d-d-l so recently, but perhaps
> that's not true...

AFAIK, system startup services stuff is not a new module. It's more like
a new feature. So there's no real need to decide here, except if the
various gnome-session maintainers can't take a decision. But feature
freeze is coming soon ;-)


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