new modules for 2.12

[If everyone could review and make sure I'm not misrepresenting the
views of the group, I'd appreciate it. this is particularly true of
the office suite section.]

The release team met today, and we talked a bit about new modules.
Some conclusions were even reached. :)

* evince: It's clearly a great, very gnome-y app. We'd like to thank
the ggv and gpdf authors for all the work they've done over the years
* services-admin: is now fairly polished and the maintainer wants it
in, and no one has objected to that.
* gnome-keyring-manager: underwent a lot of work after the last round
of objections, and has not been objected to in its new format.
release-team is a little worried that the maintainer has

* eggcups: there is still some edginess about including such a partial
solution. We'd encourage it to get integrated with gnomeprint and
gnome-cups-manager (as much as is possible) and have One Printing
Solution going forward, instead of much discussion about disabling
this or enabling that and maybe or maybe not having it all overlap.

* office suite. There is still a lot of confusion about what this
would mean for GNOME- if we have a 'GNOME office suite', does it mean
the GNOME QA team has blessed the office suite? What does it mean for
our relationship with open office? I could go on in this vein for
quite some time :) We still encourage the office team to do a release
together and on a regular schedule, because we think that's good juju
for any group :) and because we think that going ahead and Doing It
might resolve some questions. But without more consensus as to what
this would mean for the impacted teams and the release process, it's
hard to say it is the right thing right now. We should start probably
set up a small group (perhaps the release-team + the abi and gnumeric
folks) and/or start discussing it in Real Life (at the Summit) and
move forward from there to see where the future takes us.

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