action items

Action Items:
* Luis to 'officially' announce use of gtk 2.8 to devel-announce-list
and d-d-l, and indicate caveats/warnings/whatever.
* Elijah to send tarballs due mail, due to Vincent's travel
* Murray to roll 2.11.90; Elijah to assist.
* Vincent to explore autogenerating jhbuild moduleset to test release
tarballs in future
* Vincent to contact i18n team and ask for a rep to the r-t
* Luis to create 2.11 blockers list for next week
* Luis to announce results of module decision- thumbs up on evince,
services-admin, and g-k-m (if maintainers are still alive). cups stuff
still under discussion. ggv/gpdf thanked for their years of service.
Also, consensus that not enough planning has been made for office
suite inclusion in 2.12.

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