Re: Once again: Deprecation of gnome-mime-data translation

On Wed, July 13, 2005 13:12, Danilo Å egan said:
> Lets see what release-team has to say.
> Today at 12:50, Alexander Shopov wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> As seen from this message:
>> Gnome now uses shared-mime-info database hosted at:
>> The statistics site still contains the po's of gnome-mime-data.
>> What should be done?
>> Should we still translate the gnome-mime-data module? (I hope not!)
>> Should this module be delisted?
>> Should shared-mime-info be listed there instead?

I just asked Bastien and in theory, we shouldn't need gnome-mime-data
any more. So translators can stop translating it.

Btw, I removed it from jhbuild so we can see if 2.11 can work without


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