Re: Two things...

Hi Elijah,

On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 16:28 -0700, Elijah Newren wrote:

> The core issue is: If modules are deemed stable enough by their
> maintainers, is it okay for them to release them as such ahead of the
> Gnome schedule, so long as they stick to all the appropriate freezes? 
> Or should they defer labelling any release as stable until the time of
> the next big Gnome release?
> The reasoning for waiting would be to allow the translation,
> documentation, bugsquad and other teams to have a greater opportunity
> to make sure that all "stable" releases have a sufficient amount of
> support and work from them.

	I think that is key. A fully "integrated" (process-wise) module would
give translators, documenters, UI reviewers, testers etc. their
opportunity to bring the module to being ready to labelled "stable". By
not doing that the developer is saying to all these other contributors
that "my work is done, thats whats important, your fluff is secondary".
I'm sure that's what has Danilo annoyed here.

	Two GEPs are relevant when it comes to module expectations, btw:

	GEP 4 lays out how modules should version their releases - by following
the GNOME release version numbers. We've never hassled maintainers about
this because "its just a version number" but the more a module deviates
from the norm (in terms of version numbers, when new versions are
released, tagging etc.) the less the module feels like an integrated
part of the release.


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