Re: Hard Code Freeze Breakage Request: GnomeVFS

On 8/29/05, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
Am Montag, den 29.08.2005, 15:03 -0600 schrieb Elijah Newren:
> On 8/29/05, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
>         Christian Kellner asked me to request string freeze breakage
>         for
>         committing the patch attached to [1]. It fixes a GnomeVFS
>         issue where
>         the status callback for async xfer operations was invoked with
>         the wrong
>         source/dest URI set under some circumstances.
>         Rationale: This may eat children if the callback client
>         decides to
>         further manipulate a particular URI it received at invocation
>         time,
>         particularly since the status information may be wrong for the
>         URIs on
>         the plate.
> String freeze break requests must be sent to gnome-i18n (release-team
> needs to be cc'ed, but it is Christian or Danilo on gnome-i18n that
> are in charge of string approvals/rejections)

It actually wasn't a string freeze breakage but a typo - sorry.
The patch has already been committed, since Vincent felt good enough to
notify me that we weren't string frozen when I wrote the email.

Um, we weren't hard code frozen yet--is that what you meant?.  The string freeze has been in effect for nearly three weeks.  If your patch just fixes a typo that isn't translated, then no worries, you're all set.  If the patch fixes a typo in a translated string, you'll need to revert it until you can get string freeze break approval.  (I can't tell what's right, because in looking at the bug I saw two patches, neither of which seemed to contain a fixed typo or a translated string change)


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