Re: GStreamer releases

Le lundi 29 ao�05 �5:15 -0400, Luis Villa a �it :
> On 8/29/05, Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas apestaart org> wrote:
> > - there's a crasher bug in videoscale in the 0.8.10 release for one of
> > the colorspaces
> That would be good to fix, I expect.

Is it a crash that a lot of people are seeing?

> > Anyway, that's the situation at this point.  What do you guys suggest ?
> You know this code base better than we do. :/ You guys are running
> some automated tests at this point, right? I assume the branch is
> passing them? Ronald, what are your thoughts?

I'm a bit reluctant to include those new releases. However, if the
changes have been well tested and are not known to cause any regression,
it should be okay.


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