Re: Notes and press release

Le samedi 27 ao�05 �6:48 -0400, Luis Villa a �it :
> > 2) According to there
> > are 37 languages at or above 80% rather than 33.  This number might
> > change over the next two weeks, though.  Are there plans to update the
> > list?  Is this left for the i18n team to do (I hope)?  If not, where
> > does one get the count of speakers of a given language?
> We should definitely make this the i18n team's problem. :)

See :-)

> > 4) The installation page mentions jhbuild for CVS only; if we can
> > agree on a good place to put the jhbuild modulesets (Vincent suggested
> > /ftp/pub/GNOME/teams/release/2.11 and s/2.11/2.12/) then we can have
> > jhbuild for tarballs as well and put the 2.11.91 and 2.11.92 releases
> > that Vincent and I did up for others to use.
> Seems like a good plan to me. I'll make some corrections in there
> about the liveCD, and it should probably contain a link to Davyd's
> awesome-but-not-yet-linked-anywhere footware page.

/me wonders if he still has the moduleset for 2.11.92...


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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