Re: Notes and press release

[Shaun, you're cc'd for #1 below. Davyd, you're cc'd for #4 :)]

On 8/26/05, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
> On 8/26/05, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> > Could you please look over the release notes and make any obvious changes
> > directly in cvs (before it freezes for translation on August 31st)? I'm
> > not getting much response about it on marketing-list:

It is sort of a pain for most people to read these; an html or pdf
version might get better response.
> >
> > It's online already at the obvious place, though I prefer not to link to
> > it yet in a publically-archived list.

Why not? the people who care enough to look for it already know what
is going on; you're just making it harder for people who want to help
to help.

> 1) The documentation page claims that each program comes with complete
> user documentation.  Is this correct?  I know Shaun is a miracle
> worker and all (what would we do without him?) but given that he
> pretty much is the documentation team, I wasn't sure if this was
> accurate.  (I'm also worried about, but
> perhaps that will all show up at the last minute...)

We have to ask Shaun how comfortable he feels making this statement, i guess. 
> 2) According to there
> are 37 languages at or above 80% rather than 33.  This number might
> change over the next two weeks, though.  Are there plans to update the
> list?  Is this left for the i18n team to do (I hope)?  If not, where
> does one get the count of speakers of a given language?

We should definitely make this the i18n team's problem. :)

> 3) The standards page mentions Xdnd, EWMH, XEMBED, and XSETTINGS as
> "other" standards that are supported making it appear that these
> aren't standards.  EWMH definitely is (though, yeah,
> it was started before and the mailing list for it is
> under, but that's just because moving a mailing list
> isn't worth the effort; the cvs and webpage stuff is all on
>, and the links to the other three at least point to
> so I'm assuming they're projects too.
> Should these be moved around in that paragraph?

I've always hated this paragraph, because really, mostly no one cares
what standards we support, and it basically never changes. It should
be a full webpage somewhere, and one sentence in the release that says
'we support a lot of important standards; for a complete list see:'.

> 4) The installation page mentions jhbuild for CVS only; if we can
> agree on a good place to put the jhbuild modulesets (Vincent suggested
> /ftp/pub/GNOME/teams/release/2.11 and s/2.11/2.12/) then we can have
> jhbuild for tarballs as well and put the 2.11.91 and 2.11.92 releases
> that Vincent and I did up for others to use.

Seems like a good plan to me. I'll make some corrections in there
about the liveCD, and it should probably contain a link to Davyd's
awesome-but-not-yet-linked-anywhere footware page.

> 5) The Known Issues page is merely a copy of the one from 2.10.  What
> issues do we want to include this time, if any?  (Luis?)

None yet that I know of, in theory all the showstoppers will be resolved :)


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