Re: Release questions...

On 8/9/05, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
> <quote who="Elijah Newren">
> > Has the same problems that walking /ftp/pub/GNOME/sources or
> > has--doesn't get everything.  :-)
> Sure, but that doesn't actually matter for making a GNOME release. We don't
> release all the other stuff, just what is in our module lists. Hopefully
> you're smoketesting on top of a relatively sane distribution that already
> has the other stuff.

Right, that would have probably been easier and saved me a lot of time
for this particular release.  But there's always things like
gtk+-needs-latest-cairo which mean that the "relatively sane
distribution" on which I need to build includes stuff that isn't on my
machine (well, except for cvs, but I don't want to smoketest against

> GARNOME was always the easiest tool for doing this - you punch in the
> metadata (ie. the version numbers), build and ship. I used to build the
> versions file from the garballs, too.

I probably went overboard, but my idea was fairly similar with just a
few added twists: I just wanted to remove the need for tracking down
the version numbers if possible, benefit from all the work that goes
into maintaining the jhbuild moduleset (dependencies, patches,
up-to-date module-listings), use what I was familiar with (i.e.
jhbuild), and possibly provide an alternative way for others to build
from tarballs.  *shrug*

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