Re: More UI Change for GDM

Gah, sorry this didn't get replied to earlier, Brian- this looks fine
to me if it looks OK with Shaun. Someone else weigh in, please?


On 8/5/05, Calum Benson <Calum Benson sun com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 13:18 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> > Once again, I realize its past the UI freeze data for GNOME, but there
> > is one more UI change that I think should be considered for GNOME 2.12.
> > Calum is in the middle of doing a UI review for GDM, which I was hoping
> > would get done in time for me to get these changes in before the freeze.
> Yep, sorry about that... had hoped to complete it early this week, but
> circumstances have conspired to keep me out of the office until today.
> > He still isn't done with the review, but I'd like to address the issues
> > that he highlighted:
> >
> > 1) Remove mnemonics from the tabs in gdmsetup, since you aren't supposed
> >     to use them according to the HIG.
> If you're doing that, you probably ought to remove the numbers as well,
> as they're really only there to support the mnemonics, and just add a
> bit more overall clutter.
> > 2) Change "Always disallow TCP connections to X server (disables all
> >     remote connections)" checkbox label to "Disallow TCP connections to
> >     Xserver (disabls xforwarding, but doesn not affect XDMCP".  Calum
> >     highlighted that the previous message implied it also disabled
> >     XDMCP.
> Well, it did to a muppet like me, anyway :)  A system administrator may
> know differently, and one of the recommendations from the ongoing UI
> review may be to separate the admin and end-user GUIs.  But in the
> meantime I'd agree some sort of clarification here is probably
> worthwhile.
> > 3) Change "Include All Users" checkbox label to "Include All
> >     Users (Get Include user list from /etc/passwd, not appropriate
> >     if using NIS)".
> >
> > 4) Change "Face Browser" tab label to "Users", since the information
> >     on this tab doesn't just affect the face browser, but also controls
> >     which users can be selected for Automatic/Timed login.  The following
> >     text is added to the top of this tab to make it more clear what this
> >     tab does:
> >
> >     The Users tab specifies which users are visible to GDM.  Users listed
> >     as Included will appear in the Face Browser if it is enabled in the
> >     "Security" tab and will also appear in the drop-down list for
> >     Automatic/Timed login in the "General" tab.  Users listed as Excluded
> >     will not be displayed regardless of whether "Include All Users" is
> >     checked.
> >
> > 5) Fixed the sensitivies on the Users tab so that only the Include list
> >     is made insensitive when "Include All Users" is selected.  Previously
> >     the Exclude list was also made insensitive, which is a bug since the
> >     Exclude list is used regardless of whether "Include All Users" is
> >     checked.
> >
> > Most of these changes are string changes, and its still before the
> > String freeze.  The only real UI change is fixing the sensitivity
> > bug on the Users tab.  Is it okay to put this fix into the 2.12
> > branch?  The fix is already in GDM2 CVS head, but not in the branch.
> >
> > There is another issue that Calum highlighted.  According to the
> > HIG a program shouldn't use a notebook with more than 6 tabs.
> > gdmsetup uses 8 tabs.  This issue will  wait until a future
> > release to get fixed, since I'd like Calum to finish the UI review
> > before fixing this problem.
> Yes, it may be that if we do decide to separate the functionality into
> two separate UIs for the two main user categories, the number of tabs on
> each one becomes acceptable again.  Can't promise that just yet, though.
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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