Re: settings dialog

You could use:

Gtk.Grid. If you need the left side resizable, use a combination of
Gtk.Paned and Gtk.Box
  -> top left: Gtk.SearchBar
  -> left: Gtk.ScrolledWindow (vertical, in case it overflows)
        -> if you may have a hierarchical view: Gtk.TreeView
        -> if you don't have a hierarchical view: Gtk.ListBox
  -> top right: Gtk.Stack
        -> Gtk.Label
  -> right: Gtk.Stack
        -> Gtk.Notebook
                -> Gtk.Grid
                        -> Gtk.Label "User Interface"
                        -> Gtk.Label "Color:",
                        -> Gtk.Label "Language",

PS: With some work, you can also make a Gtk.Notebook with horizontal
tabs on the side. See e.g. Exaile. With the git master or 4.0.0 RC,
open "Tools" → "Preferences" → "Appearance" and switch to "Left". In
your case imho the approach described above looks nicer though.


Am Mittwoch, den 01.05.2019, 23:50 +0200 schrieb c.buhtz--- via python-
I am looking for a PyGObject settings dialog like this

I list of sub-pages on the left and the current selected page on the 

A Gtk.Notebook doesn't fit my needs because it only works horizontal.

Isn't there a widget like that?
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