Re: [PyGObject] TreeView: edit a cell like in excel

On 02/26/2019 04:43 AM, c.buhtz--- via python-hackers-list wrote:
I want to make the user renaming text-items in a Gtk.TreeView.
Is this a multi column Treeview? If so, which column text should be selected? The first one?
Like you would do in a GUI-file-manager when pressing F2.

I mean the edit-field (Gtk.Entry?) should be layed over the item itself
while editing.

Is this possible?

I tried (On Linux, XFCE, with Gtk3.0) Gtk.TreeView.set_cursor_on_cell()
what is not fully working.
  - The item is selected but no edit-field appears.
  - The edit-field appears only if I hit a button on keyboard.
  - The edit-field is not on the same position as the item. It is at the
    end of the TreeView.
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