Wrong out parameter signature -> core dump

Hey list,

An issue that came up recently on gtk-app-devel came about when I tried
to override the do_get_preferred_height_for_width() method in a subclass
of Gtk.Image. Originally I had been returning only one value mistakenly,
though it should have been a two-tuple. 

Before correcting my error, I noticed that something very interesting
happened immediately after the return statement in the aforementioned
override. I got an assertion fail buried deep somewhere in python-gi...

        ERROR:../../gi/pygi-closure.c:494:_pygi_closure_set_out_arguments: code should not be reached

When I realized later that this was due to a bad out parameter on my
part, I couldn't help but wonder if the core dump buried deep in the
introspection interface was intentional or not. The reason I say this
is I expected something more graceful, like a runtime exception as
opposed to a core dump.

If this was not intentional, I will file a bug report.

PS I am not on the list, so please cc me if you need more information
from me.

Kip Warner -- Software Engineer
OpenPGP encrypted/signed mail preferred

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