Re: unref and free methods

Yeah, I didn't see either, and I guessed PyGObject wouldn't require
something so unpythonic.

However, it is a fact that I can call those methods without errors
(provided I call them in moments that make sense)

So I wondered if there were some hidden benefits, like freeing
memory faster than waiting for the GC would, or something
like that. (ignore the last sentence if it sounded stupid, I'm
just thinking of random examples)

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 9:10 AM, Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org> wrote:
On Tue, 2013-01-29 at 07:03 -0200, Conscious User wrote:
> I've noticed that PyGObject exposes unref methods
> (for example, GResource) and free methods (for
> example GdkRGBA and GtkIconInfo).
> Are those supposed to be used? Doesn't sound like
> they should, but I'm asking in case there is a
> situation where they are recommended.

I, personally, in my limited experience, have never seen them used.  Or
seen documentation indicating they should be used.

<> doesn't mention those
methods [ that page lined to from the handy reference/intro page @
<> ]
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