A few possible bugs

Hi all,

In porting virt-manager to gtk3 and some other work[1] I've come across a few
quirks that are possibly bugs. I don't know if they are gtk/glib issues,
pygobject, NOTABUG, already fixed, etc, so rather than file a slew of mini bug
reports I figured I'd ask here first. I am happy to file bugs/provide patches
if they are indeed valid.

These are all with fedora 18 versions:

$ rpm -q gtk3 glib pygobject3

- Gdk.EventType has an attribute called 2BUTTON_PRESS, but that's an invalid
name in python. I noticed there's a _2BUTTON_PRESS, so maybe that was the

- dir(GLib.IConv) lists a parameter named ''  (the empty string)

- GObject.threads_init(), GLib.IO_IN, etc. don't show up in the dir() output.
They obviously work fine, but it's potentially confusing for the user.

- Gtk.Container.child_get_property() requires a GObject.Value() instance to be
passed in. Ideally it would work like GObject.get_property(), which just
returns the python converted value. Though changing this now would break
existing users, though it could be changed in a back compat way no doubt.


[1] other work = pylint plugin to make it understand introspected bindings:

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