To take PyGTK, if it is not maintained any more

Hi, list.

( I actually sent same message to PyGTK maintainers directly, but no
response yet except a returned mail, so I'd also try my luck here.
Hope that this is not annoying. )

After generating some stupid noise in d-d-l [1, 2] for a memory leak
bug [3], I realize that I may need take some action rather than just
requesting help.

As mentioned in [2], I have experience with various programming
language including C and Python 2/3, have a Python 3.2 extension
project recently and know basic Git.

But honestly I'm not a PyGTK programmer (touched related stuff very
slightly in IBus project [4]), I just know some software that use
PyGTK heavily [5] is blocked by [3]. The proposed patch of [3] is
written by people behind [5].

If I understand correctly, the responsibility would be fixing/cleaning
up some old bugs, making one (if not more) point release, staying
notified for several years. I think I can take such things though no
promise beyond fixing of [3].


Ma Xiaojun

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